Cask Global Canning Solutions

We send our canning systems and people all over the world to support the success of our craft beverage customers – 1,300 systems in 63 countries! The industries we serve are entrepreneurial and changing the way the world consumes craft beverages – all while helping to protect the world’s resources with a package that is infinitely recyclable.

Where You Fit In

A great customer experience starts during the sales process – but it is driven through long-term customer success. Market Account Managers (MAM) develop relationships to guide the purchasing process and make working with Cask easy, as well as foster these relationships to ensure both current and prospective customers are successful in growing their businesses.

Essential Functions

The responsibility of this role is to conduct business dealings in a way that creates a superior prospect experience that sets the stage for effective sales follow-up, as well as future product sales. MAM’s nurture current Cask customers to ensure their long term success while building and maintaining a network of qualified prospects. The ideal candidate is resourceful, driven and gets fired up to deliver an awesome customer experience.

Required Qualifications

  • A commanding desire to learn and succeed in sales.
  • Persuasive personality, a sense of humour and thriving on conversation with strangers are imperative.
  • Candidates should have 3 to 5 years’ experience in of the following: craft brewing or any craft beverage production/marketing/sales, SaaS/software, sales, social media marketing / social selling, or other related entrepreneurial experience.
  • Anything less than blackbelt level Google/web skills and ninja social media ability need not apply.

Working at Cask
Cask is an over 100-year-old family-owned business, and we treat our team like family. You’ll be competitively compensated, receive generous benefits including a health plan and defined contribution pension plan. You will be a key contributing member of a small, dedicated team, with real growth potential in an exciting and rapidly expanding company.

Some unique perks of this role are the opportunity to work remotely and the comprehensive onboarding program each member of the Sales team is enrolled in for learning the industry’s leading techniques and tools and developing professional skills.

Salary expectations:

  • Market Account Managers are compensated both by a yearly salary and earned commissions with on-target earnings of $100,000-$125,000

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